We provide portable storage modules, that can be brought to your home and loaded directly. When the module is full, we take it back to our depot and store it for as long as you need it. Once you are ready to move, we bring your modules to your new home and unload them for you. You can also bring your items to us to be loaded into storage.

Using mobile storage, we can load-up at your home. Your furniture and belongings are stored at our depot in Katoomba.

We can then delivery directly to your new home when you are ready to receive them.

We Bring it, We Load it, We Store it

portable storage module

We Bring the module to your house

Storage comes to your door

Each module can fit around 1 bedroom of furniture. Give us a call, and we can assist with you with how many you will need.

We load it at your house

Our team will securely pack the module for transport

Modules can be delivered to your new place and unloaded when you need it. Or you can bring your items directly to our storage depot, and load modules yourself.

team photo
team photo

We store the module at our depot

Stored securely at our depot

Our modules are stored securely and undercover at our warehouse. Modules are made from pine wood, which protects your items from moisture and condensation.

Storage Module Dimensions

Internal Dimensions: 1.73m (wide) x 2.33m (deep) x 2.4m (high)

We also have smaller storage cubes which are 1.25 cubic metres in size (1.1m x 1.1M x 1.1M)

Suitable for long term storage of smaller items, files, paper work etc.

Has a pallet base and can also be delivered.

Shipping Container Dimensions

Shipping container dimensions: 2.35m (wide) x 5.9m (long) x 2.684m high. Or around 37 cubic meters.

team photo