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We Move You

Blue Mountains Removalists

We Move You – Blue Mountains Removalists. We specialise in Local moves, Sydney to Blue Mountains Removals, Penrith, Sydney, interstate removals and more.

Reliable professional and friendly service. Local Blue Mountains Removalist. 12+ years removals experience in the Blue Mountains and Sydney area.

3 tonne truck

Good for tricky access, tight lane ways, and steep driveways.

  • 9 Square Metres
  • 19 cubic metres
  • 2.3m Wide
  • 2.1m High
  • 4.3m Long

6 Tonne Truck

Our largest truck, great for larger moves or interstate removals.

  • 16 Square Metres
  • 43 cubic metres
  • 2.4m Wide
  • 2.7m High
  • 7m Long

Storage Truck

Need Storage ? We can bring storage to you on our storage truck. Different sizes available.

  • Varies  9.5 cubic metres – 38 cubic metres
  • 2.4m Wide
  • 2.7m High
  • 7.3 m Long
Do you quote, or work by the hour?

We generally work on an hourly rate which is charged Katoomba back to Katoomba. There is a 4 hour minimum charge. If you need a quote, we can arrange one for you.

How do I pack my boxes?

Boxes must not exceed 20 kg in weight. Pack heavy items in smaller boxes, such as our crystal carton box. You can put some heavy items in a larger box, and pack cushions/sheets/butchers paper on top. Label all boxes with the contents, and the room you would like it put in.

How to be ready on moving day

We can disassemble/reassemble furniture such as beds. However it may take longer . Make sure to empty drawers (unless they are light). Filing cabinets to be emptied.

Fridge to be emptied and left on until the team arrives. When it is delivered at the other end it must be left off for half an hour.

To ensure an efficient move, make sure all loose/small items are packed. Ensure pets, and children are out of the way for the removalists.

How long does a move take?

The time a move takes can rely on many factors. Access and the amount and type of items can all influence how long the move takes. After a conversation, we will determine the best truck size and removal team size you need for your move.

Do I need insurance?

It is your responsibility to ensure your goods are insured during transit. Insurance is not included in the price of removal. We recommend getting Your own insurance or checking Your coverage with your home insurance provider.

You can get an insurance quote from a third party provider such as CARTS. You can call CARTS on 1300 880 253 or get a quote from their website Removals Insurance Australia. They provide insurance for both residential or commercial moves, as well as insurance for goods in storage.

Please note we may receive a commission if insurance is purchased through CARTS.