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Storage Katoomba

Storage Katoomba, Blue Mountains

Bring your goods to us.

Storage Katoomba, Blue Mountains. You can bring your items to us and load them yourself, or we can load them with our team directly at your door (see our Portable Storage option). We will provide up to 10 blankets for each storage module. Just call our office to arrange for a module to be available.

Long and short term storage rates available.

Storage Katoomba, Blue Mountains

Each storage module will fit around 1 bedroom of furniture or approx 100 boxes. Each storage module is 9.5 cubic meters in volume. The dimensions of 1 storage module is:

2.4 high

1.733 Wide

2.3 deep

Container Storage Katoomba, Blue Mountains

Container Self Storage, Blue Mountains

We also have shipping containers available for storage in Katoomba. You can load this yourself or have our team load it for you. These containers can be made available for self storage during business hours.


Length 5.9 m

Width: 2.3 m

Height: 2.6

How many modules will I need

You will only pay for what you use. Each module holds about 1 bedroom of furniture, or approx. 100 boxes. Please talk to our friendly staff to work out how many you may need on the day, or we can do a free onsite quotation on how many you will need.

How often can I access my storage?

We usually require 48hrs notice for access to your storage module. If you need to access your goods regularly this may not be the right storage option for you.

Is the facility secure?

Yes, the site is covered by 24 hour CCTV. Storage boxes are stored high and are hard to access. We can also add tamper proof tagging to your storage module.

Do I need insurance?

We recommend getting your goods covered by insurance whist in storage. Please check your home and contents insurance, as it may already cover goods in storage. We can offer you AON insurance, which is an extra monthly charge of $1.50 per $1000 of value.

Will the goods be insured whilst in transit?

Although we take as much care as possible with your goods, sometimes things can go wrong.

We have appropriate insurances for running our business but we cannot offer or sell insurance for your goods during moving or in transit.

Your Home Contents policy may cover you during your move, so it is helpful to check prior to moving.

We recommend you get your own policy to cover your goods during moving.

Call CARTS on 1300 880 253 or by visiting Removals Insurance Australia. They provide insurance for both residential or commercial moves, as well as insurance for goods in storage