Moving from Sydney to the Blue Mountains?

Life in Sydney is great, but do you ever want to get away from the bustle of city life? Plenty of people move from Sydney to the Blue Mountains in an escape to the country.

Sydneysiders have access to some of the best beaches in the world, along with some of the most iconic modern architecture of the twentieth century. The CBD is packed with glass-fronted skyscrapers and there’s a food scene to die for. Yet, a move to the Blue Mountains might not be too far from you mind.

Moving to the Blue Mountains from Sydney is a well-trodden path. With amazing vistas, stunning countryside, and a quaint pace of life, it’s easy to understand why. A move to the Blue Mountains can also be great for families. The communities are small and there’s plenty of space for kids to run around.

When you do want to get back to the city, whether to commute for work or to get a few hours down on Manly Beach, it couldn’t be easier. In only an hour or two you can be in the thick of it in the CBD or walking on the warm sands of the city’s beaches and still go back to mountain life at the end of the day.

Property prices in the Blue Mountains are also a big draw, with average prices at a little over half the average Sydney property. It’s a great way to make your money go further or reduce your monthly rental or mortgage payments.

When you want to make the move from Sydney to the Blue Mountains, there’s plenty of things to consider, like:

  • Selling your current property of finishing up your lease
  • Getting remote working set up with your employer
  • Finding the right school for your kids
  • Hunting out the perfect property in the Blue Mountains
  • Figuring out the train schedule to get back into the city

And plenty more besides. One thing that doesn’t need to be a challenge is getting your lifetime of stuff moved to the Blue Mountains.

We Move You are based in the Blue Mountains and are experts at facilitating your move out to the countryside. All the hassle is taken care of, we’ll come to your house in Sydney, help pack everything up if you need our assistance, and get it moved in one go – no running multiple journeys with a packed care or truck.

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    Moving from the Blue Mountains to Sydney?

    The draw of city life can be strong. If you’ve been raised in the countryside, a move from the Blue Mountains to Sydney will present a wholesale lifestyle change and present new opportunities.

    It can be hard to move away from the Blue Mountains, but if you need some surf in your life, or the chance to develop your career, a move to Sydney may be a logical step. Going down the hills and towards the bright lights of the city is a big decision indeed.

    Although many more people move in the opposite direction, relocating down into the city isn’t unheard of. Factors like:

    • Educational opportunities
    • Work placement
    • Better access to international transport
    • Wanting to attend cultural events more often
    • Access to food from around the world

    Can all inform a choice to move to Sydney from the Blue Mountains.

    The city has thriving creative communities such as in Surry Hills and Marrickville, a great foodie scene in Potts Point and Paddington, and fun nightlife around Darlinghurst and Newtown. With so much going on, it’s easy to see why some people crave city living.

    To get a balance between the countryside and city, the outer suburbs of Sydney can still keep you in the thick of it but help you to avoid the long commutes that come with life in the Blue Mountains. When you look at moving from the Blue Mountains to Sydney, it’s not all about the high-rise apartment buildings around the harbour.

    When it’s time to make the move, We Move You is ready to make the transition as easy as possible. We come to your place in the Blue Mountains to pack up all your belongings, get them into our truck, and move you to Sydney.

    If you’ve got to start your life in the city quickly and haven’t got your new apartment sorted, we can even store all your furniture up in the Blue Mountains and bring it down once you’ve got things set up. We’ll save you imposing on family with boxes in their garage, and make sure you only need to make one trip down to make your move from the Blue Mountains to Sydney complete.

    Whichever direction you need to move between the Blue Mountains and Sydney, We Move You can help with:

    • Removals
    • Short-term storage
    • Long-term storage
    • Packing up
    • Boxes and blankets

    To make everything go as smooth as possible.

    3 Tonne Truck

    Good for tricky access, tight lane ways, and steep driveways.

    Pantech Size:

    • 9 Square Metres
    • 19 cubic metres
    • 2.3m Wide
    • 2.1m High
    • 4.2m Long

    Storage Truck

    Trucks at move and storage depot Blue Mountains

    Need Storage ? We can bring storage to you on our storage truck. Different sizes available.

    Storage Spaces:

    • Varies 9.5 cubic metres – 38 cubic metres
    • 2.4m Wide
    • 2.7m High
    • 7.3 m Long


    Do you quote, or work by the hour?

    We generally work on an hourly rate which is charged Katoomba back to Katoomba. Minimum charges may apply. If you need a quote, we can arrange someone to quote based on an item list and description of access, or come and look onsite for you.

    How do I pack my boxes?

    Boxes must not exceed 20 kg in weight. Pack heavy items in smaller boxes, such as our crystal carton box. You can put some heavy items in a larger box, and pack cushions/sheets/butchers paper on top. It makes it easier for you if you label all boxes with the contents, and the room you would like it put in.

    The time a move takes depends on many factors. Some factors included:

    • Access at both the pick up and delivery addresses (Having Elevators, Multiple stairs or a long distance from the truck to the road all add time to the move)
    • The amount of stuff you are moving.
    • The type of stuff to be moved (Having some difficult items will add extra time)
    • How well prepared you are (pre-packing, furniture ready to go etc.)

    After a conversation, we will determine the best truck size and removal team size you need for your move, and in some cases will have someone come and look at your job before hand.

    Do I need insurance?

    It is your responsibility to ensure your goods are insured during transit. Insurance is not included in the price of removal. We recommend getting Your own insurance or checking Your coverage with your home insurance provider, as often your contents is covered during moving.

    You can get an insurance quote from a third party provider such as CARTS. You can call CARTS on 1300 880 253 or get a quote from their website Removals Insurance Australia. They provide insurance for both residential or commercial moves, as well as insurance for goods in storage.

    Please note we may receive a commission if insurance is purchased through CARTS.